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Wired Back is a (re)insurance intermediary which can develop a variety of risk mitigation strategies and techniques utilising (re)insurance products that provide the broadest and most effective current coverage options. Our aim is to create value and net worth in order for businesses to thrive and prosper.

We live in a world which is becoming exponentially more complex, regulated and unpredictable. We are all experiencing significant geo-political and socio-economic change amidst a technology revolution that is forcing all businesses engaged in trade and commerce to re-evaluate risk. Management teams across the globe are having to design and create new strategies to meet and adapt to the new world order of big data and digital connectivity to de-risk their balance sheets and their own joint and several fiduciary liabilties.

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New Horizons

Uncertainty creates opportunity. Frontier and emerging markets are enjoying the fastest rate of GDP growth in world trade since 2011, particularly in S.E. Asia. It is often said that (re)insurance greases the wheels of commerce thus leading to rising demand for traditional and alternative (re)insurance products. As commodity prices fall and credit tightens, more “value” is attached to existing assets and those under construction, particularly in territories with sub investment grade credit ratings where there are large scale state sponsored PPP infrastructure programmes. For example we can source Alternative Risk Transfer (ART) products from A or AA rated insurers which can provide cross border sovereign and sub-sovereign non-repayment default obligations and a myriad of other political, credit & surety risk exposures which can protect the promoters, contractors and ultimately the beneficial owners and funders’ interests alike.

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We offer a fully regulated digital distribution platform with European Economic Area (EEA) passport permissions, sourcing a range of traditional business and management liability products such as Cyber Liability, Crime and Fraud, Professional Indemnity and Directors and Officers Liability via our broad distribution network of affinity partners, associations and retail brokers. Distributed computing and data analytics, combined with machine learning algorithms, are providing the ability for micro-enterprise insurance products to be tailored to individual needs, and delivered via any internet connected device. Technology allows for a complete re-design of the current cumbersome insurance model; we have alliance partnerships with technology providers who offer secure, real-time distribution platforms, utilising data analytics and artificial intelligence (AIR/RPA) - insurance products which can be delivered to any personal internet connected device. For example we work with a proven technology provider who are at the leading edge of AIR/RPA and who have 15,000 online customers in a variety of geographies. Language and jurisdiction is not a barrier to your success when delivered via a tablet or hosted portal, in your livery and language if required.

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Transaction Mercantile

Our boutique supply chain finance trading partner Transaction Mercantile are specialists offering a number of funding structures, underpinned by leading UK / EU banks and/or credit insurers that are capable of financing virtually any project where there are clearly identified downstream future cash flows which - for example - can support project finance. This financing approach takes a date certain, value certain future contractual obligation and establishes an underlying repayment structure between Buyer and Supplier utilising proof of event blockchain technology.

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Building for future shareholder value has to be meticulously planned, and be capable of delivering immediate benefit and tangible gains, but only if all stakeholders are ready to commit to providing the management resources required to guarantee success. Embedding certainty, including investment contribution and reward from the outset, by utilising proof of event technologies, is fundamental for a certain future.

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